Neural Therapy and Trigger-Point Injections

Restoring normal functioning by using injections at the areas of disturbance.
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Trigger-point injection in arm

Neural Therapy


Nerves must be activated appropriately for optimal bodily functions, which are regulated by the autonomic nervous system, influencing heart rate, digestion, and more. Impaired nerves affect these functions, leading to pain or disease. Neural therapy aims to restore normal function by injecting treatments like homeopathic medicines or vitamins at specific sites, chosen based on personal medical history and symptom locations. Stress triggers the nervous system's fight or flight response, which should reset after the stress ceases. However, ongoing modern stresses can prevent this reset, causing prolonged dysfunction. For instance, a car accident resulting in whiplash can cause long-term nervous system disruption.


Neural therapy uses homeopathic remedies, chelating agents, vitamins, and local anesthetics in injections to treat specific areas, including organs, nerves, muscles, joints, or trauma sites. Unlike traditional anesthetic use, which numbs nerves by altering their membrane charges, neural therapy aims to temporarily adjust membrane potential to restore normal nerve function once the anesthetic effect fades. This approach is likened to rebooting a computer that's overloaded, helping the autonomic nervous system reset and function properly, with homeopathic medicines supporting local healing.


Neural therapy helps to regulate the nervous system and helps with cellular functioning, so it can have a positive benefit on many conditions, which may include:

Chronic pain from whiplash and head injuries

Digestive disturbances

Back and neck pain


Jaw and head pain

Joint pain, muscular pain, and athletic injuries

Muscular injuries

Organ dysfunction

Post-traumatic conditions

Post-surgical pain (including dental)



Scar tissue disrupts cell and organ communication, impairing tissue interaction due to its higher electric charge and interference with nerve flow. Scars, especially those crossing acupuncture meridians, can block energy flow to related organs, limiting movement due to their lack of flexibility compared to original tissue. George Goodheart D.C. likens this to the restricted movement caused by tension on one's shirt affecting arm mobility, suggesting that addressing the root cause, like loosening the shirt's tension, effectively improves movement. Neural therapy treats scars, even old ones, to enhance mobility, reduce pain, and improve overall function.


Frequently a major component of chronic pain is tight, contracted or spastic muscle that is resistant to stretch, massage or mobilization therapies. Muscles are held in contraction by nerve impulses to the local neuromuscular junctions. The result is that perpetual inappropriate impulses cause a continuous muscle contraction. By injecting the affected neuromuscular trigger point, it is possible to break the ongoing pattern of spasm, allowing muscle to release and eventual return to normal function.

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